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The Name Change Explained

By: :Rimba Lab 0 comments
The Name Change Explained

Plants have always been our jam. We adore how they bring life, beauty, and color into the world.

So when we decided to set up shop in our beloved hometown of Penang, we didn't want to create just any old plant store. Oh no. We wanted to craft a space that would foster a sense of connection to nature and something greater than ourselves.


And so, without further ado, we present to you our new moniker: Rimba Plant Store! We can already hear you clamoring for an explanation, so allow us to indulge you.

Our new name is a much better representation of our raison d'être: the sale of fabulous flora. It's more intuitive, making it a cinch to track us down both online and IRL. Plus, it ensures that anyone who stumbles upon us via social media or any other avenue will know exactly what we're all about: a one-stop-shop for all your plant-related needs.

Naturally, with this shift in identity comes a whole new look, from our branding to our website. We hope you adore the changes as much as we do.