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Sustee Aquameter - Size L

RM28.00 MYR

SUSTEE can be used for almost all plants that grow in soils with a certain level of moisture retention: from bog moss to gardening culture soil, Akadama soil, black earth, bark, coco peat, peat moss, and vermiculite.SUSTEE should sense moisture...

White House Pot with Metal Stand

RM38.00 MYR

Diameter: 17cm Height (with stand): 22cm

PROMO - Shamrock Combo - Shamrock Potting Mix 1KG + Shamrock Organic Fertilizer 1 KG + Shamrock Pest Spray 500ML + FREE 500G FERTILISER

RM74.00 MYR RM60.00 MYR

Perfect combo for any new plant parents and seasoned ones.   NOW WITH FREE 500G SHAMROCK BOTANICS' ORGANIC FERTILISER 1KG of Organic Fertiliser  1KG of Organic Potting Mix 500ml All-Purpose Pesticide Spray    

Oommi Probiotic

RM28.00 MYR

PROBIOTIC FOR PLANTS & FLOWERS – 500ml/1000mlOommi Probiotics is a powerful blend of beneficial microbes which are cultured using an advanced Japanese technology.OOMMI Probiotics for Plants & Flowers, when sprayed onto soil, will break down and transform the organic matter...

White Gravel

RM3.00 MYR

Ideal for terrarium and miniature landscape. 

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